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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Quick Hello

I am home since Saturday but have not been feeling great-seems like bad allergies but could be something else. Pray it is just allergies as I have a trip to go on this coming weekend...I have the last 2 days of our trip written up and will post them later today, but wanted to say hey to all of you and thanks for journeying to Africa with me. I am having a really hard time balancing my joy at seeing my family again with my heartache at leaving Ethiopia. I love that country and it's people for reasons I cannot even explain b/c it is such a hard place. But oh I could have stayed another month...or 6. Maybe. Although it HAS been nice to be able to freely brush my teeth or get a drop of water on my mouth in the shower without freaking out ;)


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Welcome home and saying a prayer now for complete restoration before your next trip!

I fully understand how you feel!

Blessings and grace,

Leslie Nelson said...

Hey Jody,

Can't wait to ready more of your journals. I read them all while you were away. Hope you are soon feeling better!!

Leslie said...

okay so that was supposed to say "read" :-)

Tisha said...

I am glad that you are home safe and sound. I know how you feel, my heart aches for Ethiopia daily.

I will be praying that you get over this asap!

"Indescribable" said...

Welcome home!
This is the hard part, coming home to your joys and not forgetting what you've seen and experienced. You're doing the right thing getting the word out about Korah!
God Bless and can't wait to meet you in TN!