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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Muffin Update

My mom passed on this idea from a co-worker about those pumkin muffins I posted about. Mix the can of pumpkin with a CHOCOLATE cake mix and they will be super moist and yummy and decadent yet semi-healthy as they have pumpkin and no eggs and oil. Well, in the name of research for you, my blog peeps, I used Betty Crocker Triple Fudge mix and OH. MY. GOODNESS. I have re-named the recipe 'Sin Muffins'. They do not taste pumpkiny mixed with chocolate so there is no veggie/squash type thing going on, it just makes them super moist (oh I HATE that word-skeeves me out) and you will not feel like there is one healthy thing about them. So just keep telling yourself, while you are on your 50th or so muffin that "hey, these suckers have VEGETABLES in them, they gotta be good for me!!!" Enjoy!!

ps-Ironically, eating 50 or so of these may contribute to a "muffin top" of your very own, but hey! they have VEGGIES in them, people!!


Dawn said...

mmmm delish. make me some.

Sarah said...

Too funny -- I HATE that "m" word too! My husband always teases me about it. It is seriously my most hated word.

But the muffins -- they sound good. I'll take a dozen.

Jstar said...

"Sin Muffins" skeeves me out, too :)

Kristi J said...

yummmy...i can't wait to try them out...i heart pumpkin :) kj