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Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Fun

We had a stupidly busy week last week and the blog posting just didn't happen (nor did the laundry-sorry family! and everyone else who had to smell us!) so a brief re-cap of the week: got Thing 4's superhero helmet, had a fun time in Named Charlotte with a friend who had moved away, lived at rehearsal for the upcoming musical, and finally had a free weekend to just have fun with the kids and my sister's family and then the husband and I had our first date of just the 2 of us in a REALLY long time. It was GREAT, and our newest little Thing did very well at her first time being without mom and dad. It is an incredible blessing to have a sister nearby who also happens to be my very best friend-I love you, Tracy! Thanks for everything you guys do for our family-it never goes unnoticed, and we OFTEN thank the Lord for you all!!!
Anyway, some pictures of the fun:

What is this martian hat you put on me, Mom?

A 2 headed monster (one head very nicely decorated, I might add ;) )

Swings are the best invention EVER!

No wait, COUSINS who are best friends are the best invention ever!


Mandy said...

Very cute paint job! That's great she did well so you could have a date night.

Sarah said...

No, that helmet is the best invention ever! Very cute!

Allan and I just had our first date night in a LONG time too last week. Need to do that more often....

Glad you guys got to have some fun family time!

Dawn said...

awww - its cute!!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Zoe the trend setter!! Precious polka dots!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the 2 headed monster pic- too cute!!!!!

The Bogard Family said...

Cute pictures! I love Miss Zoe's polka dots!

Eastiopians said...

She looks great in her helmet! Thank you for your post about our referral! We are SO excited!!! Now, how can we all convince you to take the dead cat pic off? I get too scared to scroll down on your blog for fear that I will see it again. did a great great job with the helmet! Very stylish!