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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're Baaa-ack

*SIGH* We are back from vacation they just don't let you stay forever and not pay for the condo, weird. It was a great time of just chillin' and getting to know our new family dynamics a little bit better. I am not going to sugarcoat things-we had a pretty tough time returning home with our little lady and we were pretty miserable for a few weeks. So, while a lot of our trip was just same stuff/different place in the form of 8 million daily diapers, crying, bickering among sisters, crying and complaining that their mean parents are so unreasonable, and also crying, it was just great to get away from things at home and have fun and finally feel like we connected as a family of 6 with no distractions of school/work/housework. (I will write another post about our some of our struggles upon coming home because I feel like all sides of adoption need to be known so that others in the same boat do not feel isolated or defeated and know that it can still turn out ok.)

Anyway, today I especially wanted to share that we returned to a week of medical follow up appointments and Zoe has officially been cleared of TB and has been taken off the horrendous meds that caused all manner of unpleasant side effects and we are thrilled that we can put that chapter of our life with her to rest and MOVE ON!!! We knew it was the case but had to jump through the proper medical hoops to "leave no stone unturned" and so now things can feel a lot more normal. Little Miss is happy as a clam to be done with those meds and is loving life with a house FULL of sisters that think she is the bomb! (do the kids still say that these days?? I AM pretty sure I heard DJ Jazzy Jeff say that on my mix tape in my Walkman so I am totally down with the youth of today...gnarly) Anyway, God has filled our hearts to overflowing and has taken a couple of scuffed up earthen vessels and filled them to the brim with His treasures through the task of parenting our little girls. Almighty God, you never cease to amaze me with what You make possible in our lives!!

And of course, I will leave you with a few pictures of our vacation because that is what you REALLY want to see, right??The Things

I'm Drivin' In My Car

A little friend who lived right behind our condo

We take pics at this tree every year-we started with only 2 tiny toddlers, now we're running out of branches, haha!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the pics. Hey, be honest - it is what life is about. So glad she doesn't have to take meds anymore!!!! Yeah!!! Praying God will continue to knit your family together!

Jstar said...

Way to be real about the struggles of coming home. Adoption is an *incredible* blessing, but that doesn't mean that it's easy! So glad you guys got some fun family time away from the pressures and bickering of those first few crazy weeks.

tuesdaymom said...

Oh, Jody! How I wish we all lived closer. I think we would all have some struggles to share. And some hugs to give out.
Somehow just not being home helps. I have to get out of the house pretty much every day or I will lose my mind. Of course, having three in tow when I do so isn't relaxing, but at least I don't have to look at dishes or laundry.
Looking forward to hearing more -- good and bad.
Know you are loved and covered in prayer.

Dawn said...

cute pics! SO glad you are going to open up about your struggles! miss you - come be my neighbor.

word verification: pigosess

Michelle said...

So happy no more meds and no TB. Beautiful pictures of your girls.

be_a_Mary said...

I am SO glad you had a good time! I completely understand a bumpy reentry. And I'm glad you're going to be blogging about it. Its strange b/c I feel so much more comfortable sharing about my struggles with my birth children, but when it comes to being vulnerable about our Ethiopian baby I worry how its perceived. anyway, its good to be vulnerable--and its something i appreciate about you.