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Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Day in the Life....

Here's a recap of the other (typical) day around here:

-Drop Thing 1 off at Theater Camp and hope I do not have to walk her in b/c I have not showered in days

-Get home and decide to weed the neglected jungle, er, yard while it is a teensy bit cool for once b/c of some recent rain

-While weeding, watch Thing 3 sit in large muddy puddle and another large puddle in her clean, only-worn-for-30 minutes clothes

-Try to keep Thing 3 from running out in street after Thing 2 who has decided to ride her bike in said street

-Decide to try to contain children in yard b/c it would really ruin my day if they were run over by a car

-Search for Thing 3's shoe while slowly realizing the last time I saw it was when she was playing, in the road, near the storm sewer (thank goodness that home study is over, eh??? I kid, I kid...sort of)

-Try to pretend that said shoe is somewhere other than the storm sewer

-Spend 45 minutes retrieving shoe from the storm sewer with cleverly constructed device involving a steel ceiling hook and rope while throwing my shoulder out, getting my hair in gross muddy water and trying not to cuss (in front of the children at least)

-Run inside, realize I have to be at the post office in 10 minutes for our passport appointment, and smooth hair back with the help of the aforementioned muddy gross water that has gotten in it (ooh, a silver lining!)

-Get Thing 3 off middle of kitchen table where she is sitting in her diaper and drinking/spilling my Coke Zero down her adorable little face

-Wonder why she looks funny (besides the Coke puddle around her) and realize it is b/c she got into the markers while I was fishing her shoe out of the sewer and has "decorated" her mouth, eyes and buddha belly-nice.

-Try not to berate Thing 2 for leaving the markers in reaching distance of her little sister

-Decide shirt will cover the belly and her face will just get dirtier at lunch and decide to ignore it even though I am going to the post office where we will be visible to other people

-Get passport taken care of and realize there is NOTHING ELSE for us to do other than wait wait WAIT for our newest Thing!!!

-Take Things 2 and 3 out to lunch and wonder why watermelon has impenetrable staining power and is only attracted to my child's (second) clean shirt

-Come home to temporarily fixed AC, hoping I did not miss the AC man who was supposed to finish the repair (and who still has not shown up, 2 days later) and crash upon sofa for a few minutes

-Put Thing 3 down for a nap (oh thank you LORD for the sweet blessing of nap time for the wee children!!)

-Vacuum 20 billion pounds of dog fur off of everything in the whole house, and wonder how it got there when I had just done the same thing the day before...and the day before...and the day before (why does my dog still have any fur?!?) while it gets very dark and rumbly outside

-Listen to Thing 2 read, and read, and read to me-she is a machine!- while we put dinner in the crock pot and I smugly congratulate myself on getting dinner planned and ready ahead of time for once

-Pick up Thing 1 from camp in the pouring rain and listen to her tearful recounting of her forgetting her lines in front of everybody and try to reassure her that it is ok and that is why God invented rehearsals (and silently wish more things in life had rehearsals where I could get my goof-ups out first)

-Watch everyone turn their noses up at dinner, refuse to eat it b/c it is "too yucky" and Thing 3 gleefully throw it on the floor for the dog

-Get all Things to bed amid tears and wailing and gnashing, I mean brushing, of teeth-and get them to bed and get them to bed about 50 million times b/c there are concerns about forgetting lines again, what to wear tomorrow, if the hamster is lonely at night, what bed the American Girl doll should sleep in, and the injustice of having to clean up their room enough to be able to clear a path to their beds

-Thank God that I get to be a mom as my full time job every. single. day. (yes, even the ones where I am hanging out in dirty storm sewers with hair sculpted with funk-water and my kids and house are a mess-those are often the best ones!!)

I think it will be good to have another baby in the house b/c things are so dull around here.


Eric and Michelle said...

Oh Jody,

I needed to read this and laugh and know I am not the only one with weeks like this and yes to be thankful. Thanks for the smile on my face today :)

Jana said...

Love the post, as for me, I have certainly never left the house looking less than stellar....:)

Jana said...

So I am "commenting" again because my profile didn't come up last time and being the blog stalker that I am...I always like to see who people are!