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Monday, June 23, 2008

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

So, Sunday nite we had the worst hail storm I've ever seen in my life. Here are some shots outside our house post terror-inducing storm:It was eerie and weird and scary. And SUMMER. Not winter, as it appears in these photos. We went to bed wondering what damage we might find in the morning. But alas, God had a nice little surprise for us! We have this gigantic cherry tree in our yard that produces bazillions of cherries-none of which are reachable without a fire department ladder and/or some possible circus-like acrobatics of climbing that may or may not bring about death (and which have been used in seasons past nonetheless). I was just lamenting yesterday that it seems like such a waste to have all that fruit and not be able to get to it. Well, when surveying the yard today to see how many of my plants were destroyed and what clean up was necessary, one of my daughters called me over to look at the ground. "It's covered!" she yelled. And sure enough, the ground was blanketed with cherries, some squished, some perfect. The hail had knocked them down off the branches-woohoo! I spent an hour gathering what I could, along with my trusty little "helper" till my back just couldn't take the bending over any more and I had more than I knew what to do with anyway. (Note the plethora of leaves all over the yard-leaves that just yesterday were considered "branches". Also note the lovely attractive fence that is destined to make it onto the cover of Better Homes and Gardens any day now. Hush up-we're working on it.)

Hope your trials turn out to be "sweet" in some way, too-God is good like that!

PS-have any good recipes for wild cherries?????


Eric and Michelle said...

Awesome! I LOVE cherries! Man, I had no idea you guys got all that hail. We did not get that in our neck of the woods. So good finally getting together the other day!

Margo said...

ok, thanks for supporting my insane need to find the ethiopia coke cans! i decided to drink them all and just save one can to cut up and frame. let me know if you don't find them and i can mail you one. (while you don't get the full coke experience, you can get the cool looking coke can.) thanks for the comment! best wishes for your adoption!

Dirtdart's Wife said...

Those cherries look WONDERFUL! What did you end up making w/ them? A good homemade cobbler was the first thing that came to my mind.

That hail looks like it was something!