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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Good Day

Today has been a great day.

Check this out to see picture of the kiddos in Ethiopia actually holding the yarn I sent to them in their own hands and making crafts. It just brought tears to my eyes to see them actually using it, half a world away, making crosses and loving the Lord and life in general. Thanks to the folks who shared yarn to be sent to those sweet children, I hope you are blessed by the pics like I was.

Next on my good day list is my super yarn score from Gina!! She had a little old photo caption contest and I won-woo hoo! I had good subject matter to work with-go see. I'll wait. So, I won a bag of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk-yummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Part Alpaca, part silk, ALL soft!!!!!!!! What to make, what to make.....lace shawl? throw? a few scarves? Feel free to share ideas.

Finally, it is a beautiful day outside, Spring everywhere with loads of flowers popping out and the grass is green green green! I love Spring! It hold such promise of new life and so much excitement for getting outside and shedding old icky Winter. Things really aren't quite as bleak and dead as they seem mid-January, thank goodness! We have a little extra excitement going on around here as we are still working on some Big Things so it's even better (which should be ready to be shared soon, btw). The Husband's new job is still going great, the older Things are doing great in school and the youngest Thing is just getting cuter and sweeter every day. Plus, the farmer that lives behind our house just drove by on his big blue tractor hauling a hay filled trailer of kids. Does it get any better than that? I didn't think so either :) Life is good. Hope your day is great, too!

(ps-to you knitters, MagKnits is no more!! I was really surprised b/c just the other day, literally, they had new April patterns up. Just thought I'd pass that on!)

(pps-gee, in re-reading my post I see could've retitled it "it's all about me"-how nice, so glad I could share with you my self absorption-maybe "The Post In Which My Horn Tooteth" would sound more fancy....)


Eric and Michelle said...

Hey Jodi...How cool about your yarn in Ethiopia. I can tell the excitement is really building in your heart. Very good day for you and so happy you shared it. By the way since I am a baby blogger how do you get the links in your post?

Miranda said...

Maybe make that pretty shawl that was in the winter knitty with the double cables? Jeanie or something like that? I just bought the pattern for Koolhaas last night... I have some yummy malabrigo that it will look gorgeous in. The afghan of doom is close to being finished, along with my degree! yay for progress. Also, you'd be surprised how soft the cascade gets after use, because my afghan in progress is the softest, nicest thing to nap under. Wow. I just wrote you a mini-blog.

Hey, how did you cut the plastic bags to make your plarn? I've got about a million plastic bags and thought i'd make myself some shopping bags for the store... would size 15 needles be big enough?

Eric and Michelle said...

It makes me happy you liked my t- shirt idea Jodi. You are a REAL woman- giving birth without an epidural. Man I could have kissed all the anesthesiologist smack in the mouth once they administered mine.