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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Here is the fininshed green sweater in the dreaded yarn (which, Miranda, turned out much softer after blocking, I will concede that :) It is the Carnival Toddler Sweater and was very fun to knit because no seaming AT ALL-woohoo! Plus it is kermit-colored and who doesn't want to match a muppet?? It was needed by my little friend last week when it looked like this: Yuck. Normally behind our house you can see a whole bunch of mountains. Note: NO MOUNTAINS above. I see a few more of these sweaters in my future for the wee ones. Of course, it was one of my very own wee ones who announced to me recently, "Mom, your clothes are sorta' dull" so perhaps I ought to make a muppet sweater for myself. Or else duct tape her mouth shut. Seems like knitting the sweater would get me in less trouble, though-heehee.

In other news, the Blanket Party brought in more than THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS! How great! Now they will be able to not only wrap over a hundred babies, but also to procure a commercial washing machine for the remote hospital so that the workers do not have to wash the hospital laundry BY HAND. Yes, you heard me, BY HAND. What?! At a hospital?? Again, these are conditions I cannot fathom and no one should be able to. We can, and should, make a difference! Thanks to you if you helped out!

Finally, in other random musings, it was BEAUTIFUL here today-near 70 degrees! What a treat in the middle of Winter, my least favorite season. So, in honor of this Spring-like day, check out this link sent to me by a friend. We all could use a good clean up :)!


Skeincocaine said...

Dontcha love not seaming when done? Why are not all sweaters knit in this logical manner?

Ted and Lori said...

Jody: that comment you just left on my blog "March FORTH" made me laugh and makes so much sense! I LOVE IT. I'm going to be telling so many people this!!! Thank you for posting! That's the best thing I've heard all day!