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Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm It

Cate tagged me for this meme. Here are the Ye-Shall-Not-Break-Me Rules (that I copied right from her blog, too!):

*link to the person who tagged you

*post the rules

*name 8 things others don't know about you

*link to 8 (give or take a few) other bloggers

1. I hate hate HATE (did I mention hate?) pet hair/fur and freak out about having it on things but I LOVE animals and love having pets-it is a problem, a huge problem.

2. I am extremely sensitive to smells and cannot function in what I consider a bad smelling situation. Inversely, I really love smelling good smells. The more I type "smell" the weirder this is getting to me.

3. Without my glasses/contacts, I am well beyond legally blind. (this works well with #1)

4. I am very VERY afraid of the dark (yes, STILL. There COULD be something or someone under my don't know)

5. I like to please people and if I think I have not or I have upset them, I will think about it obsessively until I can figure out something to DO about it-I cannot just let it go. This can also be a wee problem at times.

6. I do not like exercise for the sake of exercise, even though I want and try to like it. That right there is the first time I have openly admitted my true disdain for exercise and fearing I will offend someone or seem like a lazy fatso, I am obsessively contemplating deleting it (see #5).

7. I NEED to be creative, and along with this goes my NEED to look at and touch beautiful things. If I do not do something creative for a while, I get really cranky and feel "oppressed" a bit. This does not mean my created things always turn out well and when they do not, I get even more cranky and am not nice to be around.

8. I will often get random words or names stuck in my head for days on end and cannot get them out and no one else seems to have this same problem-songs, yes, words/names, not so much. It IS an oddity I suppose.

So there ya have it-8 random things about me! This was good timing because I just feel blogged out-nothing I want or need or desire or feel like writing about. I'm cruising right along with Christmas gifts, although I have replaced a few handknits with, gasp!, store bought gifts. I'm alright with it.

I will leave you with a picture of our Thanksgiving crowd (minus a few sleeping children)-my sister and I made dinner for our 2 families, my mom, and a bunch of Indian guys here for grad school. It was totally different than any other year and it was fantastic! They were so nice and friendly and just so enamored with all the food and the kids-it was so cool to see it from the perspective of a non-American! What a blessing-I am so thankful that nearby Virgina Tech brings the world to us right here in little old Blacksburg.

By the way, Kimberly, Leslie, Lynne, Miranda, and Laura--you're it!!


Leslie Shelor said...

Ok, I'm tagged! I'll try to think of eight things!

Lovely group shot!

Miranda said...


Hey, know any cute single grad students? ;)

cate said...

Great pix!!! Which one are you? catie

jody said...

i'm the one in the grey t-shirt next to my husband in the orange shirt-i have the big pale arms :)!! i love winter.....